Ozbilim Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine


(Model: FLEXO C800-2.40 meter Wide)

The completely independent cutting beam robot, built in strong and light mechanic, incorporates the cutting head which benefits from the intelligent management of CNC control combined to the most advanced electronic systems with Brushless motors of last generation. The beam moves along the longitudinal axe on the cutting bed while the cutting head moves simultaneously on the transversal axe. The electronic and the software interact with mechanic creating a dynamic speed movement and high precision. High frequency oscillating knife goes into the fabric to cut in rapid and precise way. On board touch screen display makes easier the operate functions and allows the use of machine in a simplified and intuitive manner.

Main Features:

  • OZBILIM  Conveyorzed cutter machine for cutting precision strong materials and high layers.

    High speed & High flexible production.


    To cut materials & fabrics in lays of high thickness.


    OZBILIM, expert’s team specialized in the management and innovation of cutting room equipment, propose an optimized and versatile cutting machine FLEXO C800, tailored to cut with high quality level and in short time a variety of fabric types and materials.


    FLEXO machines grant you a fast return on your investment, easy to use while enhancing new technologies.


    FLEXO C800 cuts in excellent and accurately way from single ply up to 8/9 cm thickness fabric compressed layer.

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