Ozbilim Automated Fabric Spreading Machine (Knit)

 P4 Add/i Automatic Spreading Machine (Knit)

Ozbilim Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine (Knit)

Ozbilim Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine (Knit)

Main Features:

  • Designed for all type of woven and knitted fabric.
  • PLC controlled, easy to use LCD touch screen.
  • Tension free spreading with PLC controlled unloading system with synchronized speed control.
  • Fabric tension control system for spreading flexible and difficult fabrics.
  • Automatic fabric edge alignment system.
  • Ability to enter all the parameters with LCD touch screen.
  • Ability to specify marker length and ply count.
  • Automatic stop when the ply number is reached.
  • Automatic stop when fabric roll is finished on machine.
  • High speed movement while moving without spreading.
  • Automatically adjustable spreading height according to fabric thickness.
  • One way and zig zag spreading.
  • Tubular fabric spreading with removable attachment (optional)
  • Ability to use fabric cutter in zig zag spreading with two end catchers all along the table.
  • Rolling and unrolling fabric.
  • Fast and smooth fabric spreading.
  • Operator platform.
  • Direct drive.
  • Four wheel drive.
  • Safe usage and emergency stop with safety sensors.
  • Flashing light for warning during operation.
  • Low power consumption and easy maintenance.
  • Marker display in operator panel.

 Technical Specifications:

Spreading height (With cutting unit)25cm

Type P4 ADD/i
Spreading width 160cm ~ 320cm
Spreading height (One way with fabric catcher unit) 25cm
Spreading height (Zigzag spreading with fabric catcher unit) 18cm
Spreading height (With tubular fabric unit) 25cm
Fabric roll diameter 60cm
Fabric weight 120kg
Machine speed 100 mt/dak (100mt/ min)
Power 3 kw/ 220 V-50hz

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